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Organisation:  St John and St Marys CofE church Isleworth
LookingFor:  Petrol Lawn mower
Purpose:  For use at St Marys church to cut church lawn
St Johns & St Marys Church CofE
St Johns Road
Date:  N/A
Cause:  Donation of a 2nd Hand Petrol Lawn Mower to look after grounds
Contact:  Jonathan Palmer
Telephone:  07836542197
e-mail:  [email protected]
Additional Info:
We urgently need a working second hand PETROL lawn mower so we can cut the grass at St Marys Cof E church in Isleworth.
Everyone who helps out in the grounds is a volunteer and it would really help us. For such a generous donation we
give the person free Honey from our beehive next year. Thank you Jonathan

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