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Organisation:  Deen City Farm
LookingFor:  Funding
Purpose:  Animal care during Covid-19 closure
39, Windsor Avenue
Merton Abbey
Date:  Ongoing
Cause:  Deen City Farm
Additional Info:
Deen City Farm is an urban farm with an educational focus in the heart of the London Borough of Merton.
It teaches the local community about the rural environment and where their food comes from. They have an active Volunteering programme as well as a Riding School offering affordable lessons to the local community.
As a charitable organisation, we rely on visitors’ donations. Yet, we can’t access any of the government funds or grants on offer presently because of our charitable status.
We are asking everyone, if you know the farm, have ever visited us or used any of our kid’s clubs or facilities, please donate what you can. Even a little, it will make a HUGE difference to keeping this valuable community farm alive.

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